Spring Season

DiscNW Spring Gx High School League

Mid-March – Mid-May. Bainbridge team(s) play in a high-school based league for female-matching players (FMPs). Practices 3-4 times per week after school. Games on weeknights and weekends, in Seattle and on Bainbridge Island.

DiscNW Spring Bx Club and Free Agent League

Mid-March – Mid-May. Bainbridge team(s) or individual players participate in a league for male-matching players (MMPs). No formal practices. Games on Friday evenings in Seattle.

Spring Reign Mixed Tournament 2023

Spring Reign is the largest youth tournament in the world, held in Burlington, WA. This next year Spring Reign is scheduled for the weekend of April 22nd and 23rd. It is a standalone event, separate from our other seasons. It is not required that BIU players attend, but it is highly recommended because it is so much fun! Priority is given to upperclass-people on a space-available basis. We generally hold informal practices in the weeks leading up to tournament weekend.