Donate to Bainbridge Island Ultimate (BIU)

BIU proudly partners with One Call for All (OCFA) for the very first time this year.

Why Donate?

Bainbridge Island Ultimate (BIU) provides high school students with an opportunity to learn and play this unique sport. Our program is designed to help participants develop their physical, social, and emotional skills while having fun and feeling supported.

By donating to BIU, you can help us continue to provide these opportunities and allow players to reap many benefits. Your donation will help us pay our coaches, purchase needed equipment, and cover other expenses (insurance, transportation, field rentals, etc.) that are necessary to keep our program running.

Benefits of Playing Ultimate

Playing Ultimate has many benefits for our student-athletes, including:

Physical Fitness: Ultimate is a fast-paced sport that requires players to run, jump, throw, and catch. By playing Ultimate, students can improve their cardiovascular health, endurance, agility, and hand-eye coordination.

Teamwork: Ultimate is a team sport that requires players to work together to achieve a common goal. By playing Ultimate, students can learn how to communicate effectively, collaborate with others, and build strong relationships.

Sportspersonship: Ultimate is a self-officiated sport that emphasizes fair play and respect for opponents. By playing Ultimate, students can learn how to resolve conflicts peacefully, take responsibility for their actions, and show respect for others.

The Spirit of the Game

The “Spirit of the Game” (SOTG) is a fundamental part of Ultimate that emphasizes fair play, conflict resolution, and respect for opponents. It is a self-officiated sport that places the responsibility of fair play solely on the athletes themselves by requiring each player to know the rules and make their own calls, without the help of a neutral official. At BIU, we teach our students about SOTG and encourage them to embody these values both on and off the field.

Who can donate?

While we will accept donations from all Ultimate lovers, we encourage three specific groups to consider donating:

1. Families of existing players: If your child is currently a part of BIU, your donation can help us provide them with the best possible experience.

2. Extended family and friends of existing players: If you have a grandchild, relative, or loved one who plays with BIU, your donation can help us continue to provide them with a safe and supportive environment.

3. Alumni players and families: If you are an alumni player of BIU (or another Ultimate club), your donation can help us continue to grow our program and provide opportunities for future generations.

BIU fundraises through community service

In addition to the benefits of playing Ultimate, the current student-athletes of BIU serve the community through their fundraising efforts. In 2022 and 2023, we received grant awards from island organizations in exchange for providing volunteer service hours. We would like to recognize the generosity of Rotary Club of BI and BI Parks & Trails Foundation in particular – thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you for considering a donation to Bainbridge Island Ultimate (BIU). Your support will help us continue to provide our players with an opportunity to learn and play Ultimate while developing important life skills.

*For each donation of $20 or more made through One Call, BIU then gets access to bonus funding through the community OCFA fund!

*OCFA pays ALL credit card & Paypal/Venmo fees and passes on 100% of the donations we receive. We welcome direct donations any time (OCFA goes year round).

*Want to support BIU? Click here or on the icon below to make a donation to BIU via One Call For All!

Thanks to all who have made donations. We appreciate your support!!!

If you would like to donate another way, please contact BIU board treasurer John Bonow.

BIU is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit, tax ID #82-2290702