About BIU

Bainbridge Island Ultimate (BIU) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting high school Ultimate on Bainbridge. Our volunteer-based board works to keep the Spirit of the Game alive and well, and to allow students the opportunity to experience one of the most inclusive and unique sports out there.

What makes Ultimate so unique?

The “Spirit of the Game” (SOTG) is a fundamental part of Ultimate that emphasizes fair play, conflict resolution, and respect for opponents. It is a self-officiated sport that places the responsibility of fair play solely on the athletes themselves, requiring each player to know the rules and make their own calls, without the help of a neutral official.

At BIU, we teach our students about the SOTG and encourage them to embody these values both on and off the field. We believe that by playing Ultimate, students can learn how to resolve conflicts peacefully, take responsibility for their actions, and show respect for others.

Help us spread the word!

If you know a local high schooler who may be interested in playing Ultimate, please direct them to our site for more information. All levels and gender identities are welcome, as are players from BHS, EHHS, those who do Running Start or are homeschooled, Hyla HS, West Sound Academy, or any other Kitsap/west sound high schools that do not have a team of their own.