Neither ferries nor snow nor early mornings…

February 28, 2023

This past Sunday, on the final day of midwinter break, our Mixed JV team gathered for a final game against Ingraham JV, to round out post-season play and finish up the season. The team took the 7:05 AM boat over to Seattle, only to find the Delridge fields covered in snow (!), but that just made the game that much more interesting. In this fun final game, they traded points but eventually succumbed, losing 6-9. Special shout-out to senior Kevan Tebow in his final Winter Mixed game!

Varsity was scheduled to play University Prep for their final game, but got word that UPrep wouldn’t be able to field a team, so instead finished out the season with a fun scrimmage. Woot! Special shout-outs here to Class of 2023 team members (and captains) Andrew Goidel, Calder Lange, Lauren Feeney, and Lily Freeman!